Sat-TV equipment installation

Triax satellite dish in BelgiumSelfsat flat antenna in BelgiumMetronic cassegrain antenna in BelgiumChannelmaster C120 installation in BelgiumTriax TD110 satellite dish in BelgiumTriax TD88 and TD78 satellite dishes in BelgiumTriax satellite dishes in BelgiumSkyLink/CSLink installation in BelgiumUPC direct installation in BelgiumMovistar installation in Belgium - fiberglass dish

Apart from the standard Freesat/Sky installations we can perform any special dish setup including motorised dishes, "flat" antennas, torroidal, gregorian and cassegrain systems.

Every setup is individual and tailored to the needs of our client, location, house surrounding, architecture and interior.

In order to assess the installation complexity we may need to do a site check and select the dish location and cable mounting. Do not hesitate to contact us to fix an appointment.